How to Make a Small Space Appear Larger

One of the top complaints students have with college living is how small their space is. Whether that is your dorm or apartment there are plenty of ways to create the delusion of a bigger room.

Use mirrors. The bigger the mirrors, the better. Mirrors reflect the room and by doing so it deceives the eye into believing there is more space then there actually is.

Decorate with neutral colors. The second you start painting your walls with bright, bold colors is the second your room starts closing in. Whites, grays and other monochromatic colors will keep the room opened up and feeling light and airy. Decor pieces can bring the color pop to the room. I recommend decorating mostly with monochromatic colors and then using a glass vase paired with statement flowers that are either a bright pink, a rich green or a deep red to create beautiful, strong statement. With all of the neutrals, the flowers will look incredibly vibrant and fresh.

Drawers for clutter. It’s not easy squeezing all of your clothes and belongings in a tiny room, and that’s why assigning a designated junk drawer is a must. Random items like loose change, tickets, cards, pens, cords etc. pile up in no time—leaving your limited table-top space looking out-of-control. If you have a designated junk drawer or storage bin/box, it will prevent this pile up. I know that every time I allow my clutter to start piling up on my dresser, my room starts to feel messy and not as open. Since utilizing drawers for clothes is important in a tiny room, invest in stackable storage containers like the Polished Marble Box Collection at Restoration Hardware to place on your tables and dressers. They make for a great drawer substitute.

Say no to tapestries. Yes ladies, I said it. Tapestries can be a bad thing. When you already have limited wall space and then you go and throw a giant sheet covered with a busy pattern on the wall, your room will appear much smaller. Plain walls are better than patterned walls in this small room scenario. Time and time again I felt claustrophobic in a dorm room with a tapestry. Dorms usually already have busy dresser tops, busy closets, messy beds, shower caddies and then you see all of these objects against a tapestry. It’s just too much. There is one way to go around the rule of no tapestries in a small space: buy a tapestry that has very little pattern. I love the Chelsea Victoria Marble Tapestry from Urban Outfitters. It’s not busy and is a great way to cover up those banged-up, dirty walls, even if your room is small.

Don’t use busy patterns. Busy patterns on fabric can be a downfall. Less patterns equals less busy. Choose solid fabric colors that are monochromatic for your bedspread, pillows and curtains. If you want a color pop or pattern, choose one of those three to make a statement like the curtains.

Oversized art. Believe it or not, a large piece of art can broaden out your space. Some interior designers believe that fewer, large pieces are the solution to a small room while others believe size your furniture and decor in ratio to your room and use as many pieces as you would like. My theory for everything is it depends on space. No room or design style is the same. I’ve seen successes with both scenarios. Big furniture isn’t always the easy thing to do but a large painting is a great go-to.




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