The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Interior Designer

It’s not easy shopping for someone who is obsessed with home decorating. What can you possibly buy the HGTV lover for a reasonable price that they don’t already have?  With the holidays closely approaching, I decided to suggest the best gifts you can’t go wrong putting under the tree this year.

Mugs. There is no shame in buying someone a mug. Mugs are like socks or Bath and Body soaps these days, who really buys those for themselves?  You can find mugs practically anywhere, Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx or Marshals, Pier 1 Imports, home decorating stores, Starbucks etc. Everyone loves using a cute mug.

White Faceted Mug,; $8.95

Throw pillows. Now, I know throw pillows could be a difficult gift. You have to know how the person you are giving the pillow to styles their home. Find pillows that have quotes, states, animals, initials, anything that makes it a more meaningful, personal gift.

Hometown City Pillow Covers,; $29

Coasters. Coasters are getting more and more fashionable every year. Specifically this year geode coasters seem to be the big hit. West Elm’s coasters (pictured below) are more expensive but there are  geode coasters at many different stores for great prices, such as at Pier 1 Imports. These coasters aren’t a flimsy, cheap gift like some people may assume and come in a variety of colors. The gold trim adds beautiful detail and no one coaster looks like the other.

Agate Coasters (Set of 4),; $59

Candles. Candles are always a good idea, even if it may seem like a basic gift. There are candles you can buy that are stylish and fit in as home decor. Candles are also a great gift idea for people who you know are into interior designing but you don’t know them on a personal level.

Paddywax Large Concrete Candle,; $30

Coffee table books. I cannot get enough of coffee table books. These books usually have bold covers with lots of pictures for guests to look at while visiting. Home decorating lovers usually prefer to have coffee table books about interior design. Fashion lookbooks are also another great idea.



Interior design magazine subscriptions. Architectural Digest, Better Homes & Gardens, and House Beautiful are just a few of many magazines you could subscribe as a gift to your interior designer. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Architectural Digest is my top subscription recommendation.

One year subscription,; $24.99

Terrariums. Glass terrariums are a great gift and can be fairly inexpensive. You don’t have to fill it for the person you are giving it to, let them fill it themselves to fit their home or buy a succulent or two for the person to work with.

Organic Form Terrariums,; $24-$44

Bluetooth speaker. Don’t buy a plain, black portable Bluetooth speaker. Get a speaker that can add character to a dresser or desk. Sound quality matters but so does the appearance to an interior designer.

Crosley Gold Harper Wireless Speaker,; $79

Stackable glass jewelry boxes. The perfect accessory for the top of a dresser. You can buy as many or as few stackable pieces as you would like to give and go back and add more boxes later on as gifts. Plain, glass jewelry boxes are good as gifts because glass can fit into any style of home.

Glass Shadow Boxes,; $29-79



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