DIY Mason Jar Holders


This is a quick and easy project that was inspired by Johanna Gaines, an interior designer on the hit HDTV series “Fixer Upper.” The idea is to create wall decor that looks great for a low price. The Mason Jar Holder fits best in a rustic or country home.

I made two versions of the Mason Jar Holder although there are hundreds of other different ways to mix up the holders. You can use different flowers, wood, paint, different jars etc. Mix it up to fit your space. I went to Dollar General and Michael’s to buy everything I needed along with gathering supplies I already had at home.


What you need:

  • A wood plaque. Whether you make it yourself or buy it at a craft store this is the first thing you need. I bought a wood pallet plaque for $15.99 and two square wood pallet plaques for $7.29 each.
  • Two Mason jars, $4.99 each.
  • Twine. I had a roll at my house but most cost around $3-$5.
  • Flowers, $1.
  • Two Hooks, found in a drawer in my home. Feel free to use nails as a replacement. I would recommend looking for hooks at Lowe’s or Home Depot that may cost more but would make your Mason Jar Holder look more detailed and well-made.
  • Paint. I bought gray paint from Michaels and found beige paint at my house from previous projects.
  • Paint brush/paint roller.


The first step is to paint the wood plaques. I found a beige wall paint in my house from a previous project and thought it would work well. I also used a cheap gray paint from Michael’s that always gets the job done. I painted very lightly with the roller so the wood grains would still show through the paint. I like when I can still see the natural wood color just a little bit.





After the plaques are dry, screw in the hooks that will hold the Mason jars up by the twine. The hooks I used were in my junk drawer but you can use nails as a replacement or buy hooks at your local hardware store. Before screwing in the hooks, make sure you measure the correct distance to place the hooks so they are even and aligned with each other.



Next, cut a long piece of twine and unscrew the Mason jar lid. Place the center of the twine on top of the Mason jar and screw the lid back on. Now the jar will be able to safely hang from the twine. You’re twine will not be the correct size so you need to do a little measuring. Hold the two ends of the twine together and hold it next to the hook. Find the correct distance you want to hang the jar and tie a knot and bow at that place. When you hang your jar it should be in the correct place. Cut any excess twine from the bow.



Your Mason Jar Holders are now ready to hang up on the wall!


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