5 Ways to Personalize your Space

The best way to decorate your home is by making it your own.

Before I re-did my room after graduating from high school, I hated the light pink walls and fancy black damask patterned duvet and pillows.  I really didn’t care to be in my room. I’m not a girly girl who loves pink, a chandelier lamp and an Eiffel Tower figurine on my night stand. It didn’t feel like my space. I decided to paint my walls, take down everything I had no attachment to and start fresh. The second I painted my walls I felt more comfortable and realized I started to spend way more time in my room. The changes I made were easy and cheap. A couple simple changes and it looked like an entire different room.

Painting your walls isn’t the only way to personalize your space. There are more than enough small touches to make your home is your own:

1. Tapestries. Tapestries are a great way to cover up a beaten up wall or a bare wall. There are a wide variety of tapestries available for great prices. It would be impossible to find one you don’t like. There are mandala tapestries, patterned tapestries, mural tapestries and so much more. A few places I recommend for tapestry shopping would be Urban Outfitters, Amazon and Society6. Tapestries don’t always personalize a space but it is a great option.

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2.   Quotes and monograms. Everyone has their own favorite quotes. Quotes show people what is important to you or what inspires you. When you have a quote in your home, that gives people a glimpse into how you live in your home. Don’t put a quote in your space unless it really does mean something to you because otherwise it’s a mis-representation of yourself. Use quotes that make you happy when you walk past them everyday. Pick quotes that you know will inspire you when you get up in the morning. It could be as simple as a movie line or song lyrics. Whatever works for you.

Monograms are another great way to put on stamp on your pad. People put monograms on their doors, above fireplaces, on pillows, on plates and more. What screams “you” more than your own name?

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  1. Art by YOU. Don’t just buy your home decor, make it. When you make your own wreaths, paint your own canvas, make your own candles, add your own sculptures, display your artwork you feel more accomplished. There are times when you have a vision for home decor that you will not find in a store or online. No one can make what you are picturing in your head as perfect as you can.

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  1. Instax. Pictures are as personal as it gets and have become increasingly popular as wall decor with the rise of Instax cameras. The white border and slightly blurry picture gives an Instax picture wall a retro-cool look. People have found multiple ways to use Instax pictures and have figured out many different ways to hang them up on their wall. Just as fashion cycles and recycles, Polaroid pictures are back from the 70s.

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  1. Album covers. Record album covers are art. They are a listeners first impression of an album, or at least that was the case before iTunes and MP3s. Album covers are now a hobby for collectors and wall art. Great topic starter at your next house party? The similarities or differences you have in the covers displayed on your walls! Record stores are located in most big cities but Urban Outfitters, Target and Amazon are my go-to record stores.




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