The Perfect Fall Wreath: From Start to Finish


Now that it is officially fall it’s time to add a wreath to your door! Nothing screams fall more than that, right? For less than $40 and 30 minutes of your time you can make a wreath that looks like it’s worth $80.

The key to making a cheap wreath is finding the right deals and usually Hobby Lobby is the go-to place for great steals. Lately, there has been a ton of sales at Hobby Lobby and you can always use a 40% coupon. I bought a grapevine wreath, one roll of satin/burlap wire ribbon (make sure to always buy wire ribbon for wreaths), a sunflower stem, a fall leaves stem, a pumpkin stem, one gourd stem, two red berry stems, two orange berry stems and  a leaf and pumpkin stem. All of the stems were half-off.

While you are shopping, grab what you like and then quickly put it together in the store to see if everything works and to make sure you don’t buy too much or too little.


When you’re home, grab your wire cutters and trim each stem about 8-10 inches so all
that is left is about 2 inches of stem like shown below. The stem is what helps support the flowers, leaves, pumpkins, etc. You do not want to cut it too short or your pumpkins and objects will not stay in place in the wreath like they should. You apply the hot glue to the stem to help them stay in the wreath. Also use your wire cutters to cut up some of the leaves off the steam. Some people just glue the entire stem of leaves on the wreath but I prefer to cut single leaves off the stem of bunches of three of four leaves to add to the wreath at the end of the process.


Next, grab your hot glue gun and glue your first stem on. The first stem should usually always be the leaves, greenery, or berries. I chose to glue the red berries on first and then add the orange berries on top of the red berries. After they were glued on I pulled some berries forward and some behind to make the two different berries look intertwined.

The next step is adding in the main pieces. I arranged the sunflower, gourd and pumpkins the way I wanted and then began gluing them down. Now your wreath should look similar to this:


Now it’s time to make the bow. You need your ribbon, scissors, hot glue gun and wire. I got my wire from leftover stem I had cut off since the stem is made of thin wires. Cut one really long strand of ribbon, depending on how long you want it to hang. I recommend the length to be around three feet. Next fold the ribbon like shown below:


Next cut about one foot of ribbon and fold.


Stack the shorter ribbon on top of your longer ribbon.


Pinch the two together in the middle and wrap the wire around the middle. Don’t worry how the wire looks because you will be covering it up with another ribbon. Now you can see what your ribbon will look like. Adjust the sides to make them even or fluff them up. You can pull around to make the loops larger or smaller.


The final step is to cut a very short piece of ribbon, about 2-3 inches long. Wrap this around the middle of your ribbon and hot glue the back.


Take your bow and glue it on to your wreath. You can glue it wherever you like it best but I chose the top. Once glued on, cut the two ribbon stands hanging down to the length you prefer. What is so nice about wire ribbon is they stay exactly where you put them. I wrapped the two dangling pieces around my finger to get them to curl.


Your wreath is just about done! The last step is to add in leaves as fillers. I glued a few leaves all over to make the wreath appear larger and fuller.




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