The Art of Arranging Throw Pillows


In small college spaces sometimes you don’t get a lot of wall space. That is when throw pillows can really come in and set the style you are looking for in your room. There are many ways to decorate using throw pillows for a bed but I prefer to use different sizes, colors and designs for each pillow that I use. I also prefer to stack as many as ten pillows. Sounds crazy, right? Some people prefer to use just two or three pillows and that is perfectly fine. Sometimes that is the only arrangement one can do, especially if they are using a busy comforter or duvet with lots of colors and pattern or have a very modern or contemporary space. A big reason I can do a lot with throw pillows is because I always use a comforter or duvet that is one color, most of the time white, so I have flexibility and room for fun with my pillows.


The first two pillows I recommend buying are two euro shams. Euro shams are large, square pillows that are usually placed in the back behind all of the other pillows. They make your bed look larger and fuller. You can have plain euro sham covers that match you comforter or you can make them stand out with a pattern. I usually prefer euro shams that are the same color as the comforter or duvet.

The next two pillows that usually go in front of the euro shams are two standard shams. Usually when you buy a comforter or duvet it comes with two standard sham covers. These will be the same fabric as your comforter or duvet.

Now it’s time for the fun part, the decorative pillows. This could be one or more square pillows that are the same size or different sizes. It could be a boudoir pillow which is a small rectangular pillow. It could be a bolster pillow, which is a cylindrical pillow or a neck roll which is a small cylindrical pillow. Mix up the colors and designs.


When I begin to decorate a room, I pick a color scheme. I usually find one object in a home decor store and begin building my entire room off that one object as inspiration. For my latest apartment room, I chose a blue pillow and began to build off that one pillow. I knew I wanted a transitional room which is a mixture of contemporary style and traditional style. I decided I would have silver accents instead of gold and decided gray would be the second color I would add (you can never go wrong with white, gray and silver as your color scheme and add in one strong color, in my case blue). I had an idea of the exact shade of blue I wanted so I made sure to be picky and search around a lot. Sometimes when you’re shopping you may want to settle for colors that don’t really go with your other throw pillows or your room but you must stay strong! You don’t want that one pillow to mess up everything else.


Find pillows with monograms, quotes you love, maps, city skylines, a pet silhouette, or anything that can personalize your space more.

My top three favorite stores to shop for throw pillows for a low price are West Elm, Pier 1 Imports and Home Goods but you can find throw pillows anywhere. Target also has some great options and so does Marshalls now again.




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