Decorating with Lanterns

The past few years lanterns have become the latest and greatest thing when it comes to home decor. Maybe that is because there are thousands of different ways to personalize lanterns to one’s own style, making each one different and more unique than the next. Lanterns look great outside, on the coffee table, as event center pieces, next to a fire place or really anywhere your heart desires.

Lanterns can be reasonably priced depending on where you get them. A couple stores I recommend when shopping for lanterns are Home Goods and Hobby Lobby. They both usually carry a wide variety and low prices.

A great thing about lanterns is that you can always change the way it looks to fit any season or holiday. So even if you have just one lantern, it can become a new piece of decor at any time. For example, during the holiday season one could fill their lantern with ornaments or frosted pine needles and top it with a red bow. In the summer one could add sand and seashells or nautical rope around a candle. Small pumpkins, fall leaves, pine cones and plaid ribbon all go great with a lantern in the fall. The possibilities are endless.


Don’t want to water flowers next to the front door everyday? Fill that space with simple lanterns. I used rocks from my backyard to add to the bottom of the candle.


Pine cones and rocks or pebbles make for great lantern fillers. Red candles are great for the fall or holiday season. You don’t always have to use a white candle or even use a candle in the lantern at all. You could fill this lantern up with different sized pine cones.

img_6328I love when people stack different sized lanterns next to one another. img_6317img_6322

My favorite accessory to add to lanterns are battery powered firefly lights. The lights come in multiple colors and can cost less than $10 on Amazon or for $18 at Urban Outfitters.img_6305

Wrapping a candle in vines or greenery is a great quick fix for plain lanterns that need some spicing up.


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