DIY Jewelry Branch Displays

One easy way to display your jewelry and spice up your walls for under $10 is to make your very own jewelry branch display. It’s easy and takes less than an hour to make. It is a great addition to any room.

IMG_6190.JPGTo make the display you will need a hammer, twine, nails (preferably the same color as the branch) and tree branches you find lying around. I recommend choosing a branch that has a lot of branches coming off of the main branch so you have more options and space to display your jewelry.


First, take the twine and wrap it around one side of the branch multiple times. It is up to you on how thick you want the twine. When finished, do the same to the other side.

IMG_6202Next, hammer multiple nails along the branch. The more nails, the more jewelry you are able to display on the branch.

IMG_6211Finally, hang it with a nail or command hook and you are good to go. Note that different types of tree branches can add something different to each room. For instance, a white birch tree branch is beautiful in a more modern or transitional home.


Don’t worry if you don’t have enough wall space! Grab a vase or bottle, soil and a branch or two. If you don’t have soil or would rather use another material I recommend rock or sand.

Fill your container with the soil, stick the branches in the soil and you’re done! Simple as that!



My last recommendation is to spray paint a branch silver or buy a silver branch to create a very more modern look. This will raise the price but it is another great option for your space. A metal branch, like the one pictured below, is sturdy and can hold a lot of jewelry without breaking. The metal branch pictured below is from West Elm.


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